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Mexico celebrates Independence Sept. 15, 16

There is no exact record of Miguel Hidalgo’s rousing speech that set off a nationwide revolt against Mexico’s Spanish rulers in 1810, but the spirit is captured in modern day orations that will climax with a litany glorifying national heroes and howling cheers of “Viva Mexico!” on Monday, September 15.

Guadalajara bans animal circus acts

Hundreds of circus performers concerned about their livelihoods marched Thursday to protest new laws that prohibit animals in circus acts in the Guadalajara municipal area.  City councilors on Monday voted 16-5 in favor of banning animals in circuses.

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Chocolate thief nabbed

Ruben Dario Jimenez has a weakness for chocolate that has put him behind bars for the fourth time this year. The 45-year old chocoholic from Colonia Loma Dorado in Tonala was detained by private security guards as he pilfered a chocolate bar on September 9. He had been arrested once late last year and again July 7 and August 4.

Green city buses shape of things to come?

It’s been a long time coming but new ‘ecological’ buses are gradually being introduced onto Guadalajara’s streets. State authorities hope it won’t be long before they become the norm rather than the exception. The buses, which are running on various routes, including 51A and 51B, 371, 633 and 368, each cost 1.2 million pesos (91,000 dollars). Currently, 290 of the green-painted buses are in operation, 50 of them powered by natural gas. Owners and drivers, however, are pushing for fare increases on routes using the new buses.

We can see you! Zapopan catches surveillance bug

Zapopan has become one of Mexico’s most keenly scrutinized municipalities after 200 new surveillance cameras went into operation last week.

More than 40 employees will spend their days and nights checking screens for wrongdoers at the city’s new Centro de Monitoreo y Videovigilancia (Monitoring and Vigilance Center), that was also inaugurated last week.

‘Mi Bici’ project to use sturdy Canadian bikes

One of the robust bikes that will be used in Guadalajara’s forthcoming public bicycle sharing program was put on show for the benefit of journalists and photographers this week. 

Costing 1,200 Canadian dollars (15,000 pesos) each, the bikes are set to become a common feature around the city next year, when the program is up and running.

More than 3,000 visitors set to hit town for celebrated information technology confab

One of the world’s most prestigious get-togethers focusing on Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is coming to the Expo Guadalajara at the end of September.

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) – this year’s theme is  “Building the Digital Age Together” – will showcase more than 50 world-renowned exhibitors, about 2,500 delegates from some 80 countries, and close to 100 noteworthy speakers, including corporate leaders, policymakers, government officials and members of academia.

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{access !public}In previous years, important international figures like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell and Mikhail Gorbachev have been involved. This year’s speakers include Robert Elliot Kahn, creator of the TCP/IP protocol, John Higgins, Director of Digital Europe, or Jonathan Nelson, Founder of Hackers & Founders.

The three-day conference, from September 29 to October 1, will “explore current industry trends, hot topics developments and better practices,” as well as look at “mechanisms that could be used to reduce the gap between society and the Internet and information technologies.”

First held in 1978, the WCIT boasts that it is the only inclusive forum with a global perspective on ICT topics, as it “involves all stakeholders involved in planning and developing the next steps towards the democratization of technology and the Internet in the world.”

The conference is expected to bring a significant boost to Guadalajara. For example, the economic impact of the WCIT 2012 Congress was estimated at 5.5 million dollars for the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec.

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