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Circus targeted by animal welfare group

Around 100 activists protest the use of animal acts in circuses on Saturday, July 12. The demonstration took place outside a circus in the Guadalajara municipality. Zapopan city hall has previously banned the practice.








Mexican military flaunts its might

An impressive military parade, including a fly-past by planes from the Colegio del Aire, lit up Guadalajara this weekend as the city marked the 100th anniversary of the Toma de Guadalajara, a key event of the Mexican Revolution.

Da Vinci on the move: a kid’s delight

Science has never been this fun. Local schoolchildren are learning all about the extraordinarily fertile mind of Leonardo da Vinci thanks to a stimulating traveling exhibit created by the quintessential renaissance man’s number one fan in these parts.

Horse takes a tumble on Chapultepec

While dragging a calandria along Avenida Chapultepec this week, a horse slipped and fell on the brand new, brick-like surface. The image went viral on Twitter; the horse is fine.

Woman dies at makeshift plastic surgery clinic

A 35-year-old woman has died at a residential home doubling as a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tlaquepaque while having a liposuction intervention. Officials say the clinic was unlicensed. The doctor who treated Flores, Oscar Raul Macias Parada, has been detained and the house closed for further investigation.