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Celebrity burro alive & well

Recently Lake Chapala’s web-boards have been deluged with inquiries from people concerned as to the whereabouts of Viño Blanco, the white donkey formerly owned by the late Peter Moir. She was adopted by Yves and lived by his restaurant on the lakeshore until the restaurant moved. Since then, as one of her fans wrote in panic, “She’s disappeared!”

Fear not! Yves may have transferred his restaurant to a new location beside the Carretera  Poniente to the west side of Ajijic, near Dental Express, but Viño Blanco has moved with him.

Living in the restaurant’s large garden, she is enjoying always having grass under her feet and greeting patrons as they arrive.

Blanco’s looking extremely well and can often be seen, somewhat conspicuous among the neighborhood dogs and their owners, when Yves takes her for her daily walk.


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