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I really tire of reports about the crime and problems in Mexico

Dear Sir,

I really tire of reports both in the media and verbalized, about the  crime and problems in Mexico.  One would almost believe all the  Mexican people are out to lie, cheat and steal.  I’ve lived here for six years and such has not been my experience. 

A recent example.  I  needed a watch battery so went to my friend Gabriel who has a stall at  the entrance of the Tiangius facing the Carretera on Wednesdays.  I  spoke with Gabriel for a few minutes - between customers- and he  installed a new battery.  I also purchased another watch while he attended to another customer.  Upon returning home, I realized I  thought I had left my original watch on his table or even dropped it  in the tianguis.  I could not return until the following Friday.  I  was sure I had lost the watch.  I asked him about it and he nodded,  then smiled, opened a draw and presented me with my watch.  I was  delighted to have it back as it had a certain meaning to me.

I believe Gabriel is a good example of the honesty that exists here in Mexico.  He could easily have said he did not have the watch and I would have believed him.  By the way, give Gabriel a couple of minutes of your time in conversation and you’ll discover his pleasant, warm jovial personality.  He’s an interesting man.  He’s worth taking the time to say hello to and buy your next batteries or a watch.

Another couple of examples.  I purchased eggs at the Central Mercado in Chapala.  The lady did not have change (not too unusual here) so I said that’s OK and walked away.  She called after me and, to compensate for her lack of change, gave me an additional egg.   Incredible!

Another time I left Wal-Mart and was in the parking lot when a lady called out “Señor, Señor”.  When I turned around the lady was holding my wallet.  It had dropped from my pocket as I left the cashier.  She could easily have pocketed the wallet with cash, credit card, drivers’ license and other documents, but no, she ran after me to return the wallet.   Would this be the case elsewhere?  I doubt it. 

True, other less fortunate events occur but these are just three of many examples of the truly honest people in Mexico. True, there are the “others” that can be found anywhere on this planet, but I prefer to dwell on the genuinely honest people who I reside with here in Mexico.

John Standen, Chula Vista

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