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Do not assume you have IMSS coverage

Dear Sir,

Like Robert Case of Chapala, my experience with the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) has been daunting, to say the least. However, after more than ten visits to the Chapala office, tests, trips to Guadalajara and payment of annual fees, I no longer have to wonder about coverage. 

Last week I went to Guadalajara to pay for my third-year renewal, only to be advised that my coverage had been cancelled two weeks after my 2012 renewal had been paid, as per a letter from the Chapala office.  Not only was I not notified I didn’t have coverage, but was told I would not be refunded last year’s premium.  I was advised that, if I wished, I could start the entire process all over again, starting with the office in Chapala!  As the kids today would say:  “As if!”

The reason given for my cancellation of coverage was arthritis, which I have, but with no problems and no medication required.  In a community comprised mainly of retired people, can I be the only one with arthritis?

In summation, I strongly suspect my coverage was cancelled on the advice of the Chapala office because I did an “end run” around the (in)famous director, and worked diligently to procure my coverage in spite of the obstacles she set up for me.

Along with Mr. Case, I would caution anyone not to assume they have coverage, just because they have a card AND have paid their annual premiums.

K. Derry, Ajijic

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