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      • Water chiefs predict Lake Chapala crisis in 2016
      • Guadalajara’s Octoberfest to move house
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      • Paul Salopek’s Out-of-Eden Walk: A foster child of Zapopan retraces humanity’s greatest voyage
        Paul Salopek’s Out-of-Eden Walk: A foster child of Zapopan retraces humanity’s greatest voyage
      • Jesus's misunderstood ‘exigent’ life of example and teaching puzzles world’s prelates and, most deeply, the Vatican
      • Sooty march up Cerro El Tepopote: Ruined ruins with a great view
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Water chiefs predict Lake Chapala crisis...
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I really tire of reports about the crime and problems in Mexico

Dear Sir,

I really tire of reports both in the media and verbalized, about the  crime and problems in Mexico.  One would almost believe all the  Mexican people are out to lie, cheat and steal.  I’ve lived here for six years and such has not been my experience. 


May Jeanne and her column live forever

Gotta tell you that I love Jeanne’s honest commentary. Last weeks’ foreigner insulting a Mexican barber  in front of the barber, who spoke English, but did not respond was a classic tale of the incredible politeness that Mexicans always display in spite of how foreigners talk to them.  But they do remember the insults.  After page one, her column and intitial commentary is the second thing that I look forward to, and she never lets me down.


How great that the right of way has received long-needed attention

Dear Sir,

Since Lety’s Seafood is gone, perhaps the government can use the space to accommodate all of the water that runs down Allen W. Lloyd and San Jose in the rainy season carrying rocks, bricks and soil on to the Carretera. Residents of neighborhoods on the Libramiento are happy that the right of way has received long-needed attention and is more or less walkable. How great that the residents, maids and gardeners have a shortcut for walking between the Libramiento and the Carretera. With just a little more work, it might even be walkable in the rainy season.


Courtesy is a contagion that spreads on its own

Dear Sir,
Although there appear to be many more cars on the road every year, it seems to me that people are generally showing more courtesy to other drivers.


Thank you for your support

Dear Sir,

My husband, Jim McLean, passed away this past December 3 as a result of a motorcycle accident.  So many people at Lakeside have done so much for me to ease my pain; I can’t thank them enough.  I am grateful for their prayers, thoughts, love, hugs, kisses, food donations, donations in memory of Jim, phone calls, taking care of legal issues, hospitality, generosity, guidance, cat-sitting, friendship, kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding, support, wisdom, expert advice, help and much, much  more.  I also very much appreciate the comfort I received from the clergy at St. Andrew’s.


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