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Dueling with their daily electronic intake of what one US resident calls idiotic political impositions

A number of readers, here from the United States, have recently had the same rare impulse: cutting their daily electronic intake of what one reader calls “idiotic political developments” north of the border.

This reader is a former mid-level executive for a large corporation retired a medium time ago, and his reaction is fiercely and exceptionally original. 

Another moved around a bit after retirement before settling on the western edge of Chapala.  His reaction also is resolute and exceptional.  

These two do not know one another.  Yet both, at distinct moments, have become both embarrassed and disgusted by U.S. political developments.   

The one who is what ‘Trump-istas” would call a “foreigner” is more proud of being an “American” than, say, I am. (I was born and reared in the United States.  That is a reality that I’ve always taken for granted.  At least until I came to live in a part of Mexico where at that time there were only a relatively few gringos.)   

The one who may now suddenly – and weirdly – have his Americanism questioned is the offspring of parents who entered the United States illegally.  Subsequently, his resourceful parents became legal – and automatically so did he.  Eventually he graduated from a California university while working a night-time job.  He was the first in his family to go to high school, the first to attend college.     

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