Last updateFri, 11 Mar 2016 6pm

Important Public Announcement!

Many area expats are still unaware that there is prank-filled holiday observance between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Mexico’s Christmas gift to the world

When the Spanish arrived in the Western Hemisphere, they recorded that the Aztecs viewed all flowers as gifts of the gods. The ancients in this area cultivated the red star-shaped cuetlaxóchitl (flower with leather petals) as an offering to their supreme diety – the god of the sun – during winter solstice celebrations. As they explored other areas of the continents, they encountered the same beautiful winter plant, but known by other names

Deck the Halls

It often amuses some of us who have been here a while when we hear newcomers bemoaning the few highly specialized items they can’t purchase here.

Early Deadlines

Just when I thought my December calendar couldn’t possibly get more complicated, a phone call from the powers that be at the Guadalajara Reporter office delineating the early deadlines for the two upcoming holiday issues threw me right into a full-blown tizzy. I’m guessing that the news of these early deadlines will have a similar effect on the planners and reporters of local organizational, church and cultural events.

December’s Days of Light & Love

November is not quite over; the Thanksgiving leftovers are still in the refrigerator and the fiesta for Ajijic’s patron saint, San Andres, is building to the Monday, November 30 blow- out conclusion.

Processions, food, fireworks & fun

November’s Fiestas de San Andres are an anxiously awaited time in Ajijic. For many local families the nine days from Sunday, November 22 through Monday, November 30 honoring the patron saint of the village are the most exciting and devout days of the year.

Feria del Maestros deserves our support

It is Feria del Maestros weekend in Chapala. Although droves of excited foreigners are flying into central Mexico to view the wonders produced by the country´s top artisans, far too many resident expats ignore this exciting opportunity on their doorstep.