Last updateMon, 16 Feb 2015 1pm

Making Christmas merry

Here we are in 2015. How on earth did that happen? Evidently either time does go faster as we age, or my internal clock needs a new battery. 

So, how are your New Year’s resolutions working out? By now, I’d guess that most of us have made at least one unhealthy food choice, skipped the daily walk or work out, slept through the alarm, stayed up for the late, late, late show or spent those unnecessary hours on Facebook, internet games or mindless TV shows.

Most folks, even those who don’t write a formal list, approach a fresh new year with at least a few casual goals, most intended to improve their life or at least lifestyle. For some of us, that means taking a serious look at the activities and people jamming our calendars and eliminating those that provide little return in terms of joy and accomplishment. Then there’s time to take on something new from one (or more) of the nearly 100 groups, activities, sports, events, and charities that will stimulate our minds and give us the satisfaction of giving back to the community in the coming year. 

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