Last updateFri, 17 Jul 2015 4pm
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Basking in the Spotlight

It seems like every email I’ve received and every phone call I’ve answered this week has led with the same question: “Have you seen that PBS video?” 

Yes, thank you, I have. It’s fun, isn’t it when our own little corner of paradise is basking in the spotlight of national news coverage. It’s even better, when as was the case this time, the topic dangles the joys of expat retirement right on the TV screens of our U.S. friends. 

Just in case you missed the constant flow of announcements and links because you were stuck in bed with strep throat or on your annual trip to Romania, here’s the address so you can see how the way we live looks to others: www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/foreign-retirees-flocking-mexico.

This PBS video features Dr. David Truly who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the migration habits of North American retirees. You may know him better as the “barefoot professor,” the guitar playing wonder in the TallBoys Band. 

The video includes a couple of quick clips of a beautiful video of the TallBoys Band song, “Somewhere in Mexico.” If you’ve missed that song (written by Truly) and if you’ve not seen this local group’s video of local scenery, the three minutes you’ll spend is nearly guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check it out on the group’s website: www.tallboysband.com. Just scroll down and click on the colored picture. 

Then, if you’d like to take an armchair trip around the lake to the plazas and churches of many of the other villages that are not on our beaten track, take a look at this professional video: www.youtube.com/watch?t=226&v=1TDKlr1aydY.   While the film pans the villages, the sound, light and production does a lovely job of creating the feeling of the old times – the really old times before the Spanish arrived. 

Watching these three videos back to back reminded me again of when my friend Grace lived here. Every single day she’d say, “We are so lucky to be here.” She was right. We are very lucky!