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Letters to the Editor – November 22, 2014

Dear Sir,

The other evening at around 12:30 a.m., while returning home to Ajijic from the charreada in Tlajomulco, we had a flat tire.  We were on the Guadalajara-Chapala highway at the La Barca exit, near I believe, the pueblo of La Calera.

Letters to the Editor – November 8, 2014

Dear Sir,

I have lived in Mexico off and on for 50 years and I have never made an altar before.  A few days ago I saw an Indian family pass by my bedroom window pushing a cart full of orange marigolds (cempasúchil). I thought how strange, they usually have a variety of potted plants.  Then I remembered it was October and these flowers are used for an altar.  About an hour later a woman with two plants rang the bell.  I quickly decided to put up an altar and bought one.  

Letters to the Editor – September 20, 2014

Dear Sir,

The Lake Chapala Reporter (no relation to the Guadalajara  Reporter) and its owner, Lisa L. Jorgensen, have been doing their best to damage the reputation of lakeside realtors affiliated with the GIL/AMPI. It is obvious that this is a blatant attempt to sell subscriptions to her online magazine (in reality, a personal blog of the owner). She portrays herself an honorable crusader with unblemished integrity looking to save the public from unscrupulous realtors. Actually, this is nothing more than “yellow journalism”.

Letters to the Editor – September 6, 2014

Dear Sir,

We are former Torontonians and world travelers, now living permanently in Ajijic.  Having raised, between us, eight children who have all become successful adults, we cannot stress enough the importance of supporting not only orphanages, abused women and children and abandoned pets, but the young people of our village.  

Letters to the Editor – August 9, 2014

Dear Sir,

I would like to warn the foreign community that a BBVA Bancomer ATM recently ate my cash card and officials at the bank would not give it back to me.  They told me that  U.S. cards would be destroyed if retained by the machine.

Walter Januszko

Editor’s note: It is our understanding that cards retained by an ATM attached to a bank will only be returned by staff if the card is emitted by the parent bank.  In the past, bank staff would gladly retrieve the card and return it to the owner.  However, we understand that nowadays many ATMs are maintained by outside personnel, and that bank staff at branches have no way to access them to retrieve swallowed cards.  In these cases, getting them back is likely to be more complicated.  Remember, if a person’s card is swallowed up at an ATM that is not attached to a bank branch, there is absolutely no way that it will be returned.  Anyone who has their card swallowed should immediately call their bank’s customer service hotline to freeze the account.


Dear Sir,

While driving recently from Vista del Lago to the Pemex station in San Juan Tecomatlan we saw a young man lying on the Carreterra straddling the center line. He appeared to be sleeping. Two men, in separate vehicles, moved him to the side of the road.

We passed by again after we had gassed up and were returning home. An older man who lives in the house to the south of where the boy was lying was attempting to assist the boy. We stopped and he told us that Chapala police officers had driven into Poncitlan territory and deposited the boy in the middle of the highway. They then apparently turned around and left for home.

Soon, other locals had become involved as they tired to determine who the young man was and what his problem was.

We hope this works out for the best and consider it another example of why to not call the Chapala police force for help.

Alan Henningsgaard

Letter to the Editor - July 11, 2014

Dear Sir,

I found it interesting that in the article “Chapala City Hall puts rowdy noisemakers on notice” that there are three different “ending” times: 10 p.m. according to the new noise law when lower decibel levels kick in; midnight for mass events, large private parties, fund-raisers and lucrative events; and 2 a.m. for businesses that offer musical entertainment.