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People here are fundamentally honest

Dear Sir,

We are recent arrivals here in Ajijic. Like all newbies, we are bombarded with information about how to exist in the Mexico milieu. One of the knowledge-based claims was that the carwash guys will steal things from your car – cell phones, GPS, wallets and so on.

Last week we went to the Lake Taco eatery and the Carwash next to it. Two weeks prior, I had misplaced my Visa credit card and had already ordered a new one. When we came out to claim our car – after one of the best fish tacos one can ever eat – my misplaced VISA card was on the steering wheel of the car.

I am convinced that were I to have had my car washed up north, that card would have been in someone’s pocket. One of the reasons we left Canada and the United States – and also one of the reasons we moved to Ajijic – is that these people are fundamentally honest, and at Lake Taco and Carwash, they do a great job, make great tacos and salads and the team is honest and honorable.

Bruce Ross

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