Wife killed after breakfast served late

A Guadalajara man admitted strangling his wife to death because she didn’t have breakfast ready for him when he got up.  

After beating and choking his 29-year-old wife Maribel Olivera and leaving her body on the marital bed, Gustavo Rodriguez Morales then calmly went off to his work, where he was later arrested. He has been charged with femicide, a recently approved category in the state criminal code that implies the violent and deliberate killing of a woman.  

The couple had a three-month-old girl, and Olivera an eight-year-old son from a previous relationship. The son discovered his mother’s inert body and thought she was asleep. He sought help from neighbors after the baby would not stop crying.

Presumably, Rodriguez will now be getting his breakfast on time for many years to come as he languishes in the Puente Grande penitentiary outside Guadalajara. The maximum penalty for femicide is a prison term of 45 years.