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Johanna’s: Wie Lecker Authentic German food

Possibly the most original and authentic menu in Ajijic can be found at Johanna’s. 

Set off on the mountainside lateral just east of Revolucion, the restaurant serves almost exclusively German entrees with a host of starters from everywhere. Taking over from co-owner Johanna Schmidt, the current Mexican owners have done an extraordinary job of retaining the quality of dishes from the original German recipes. Preparation is done entirely in house, which means everything is house-made, from starters to the luscious strudels. There is not a Costco product in the house was the answer to my question.

Starters included goose pate, snails, potato pancakes with applesauce and herring, beet salad with house dressing, spinach quiche, white asparagus with butter sauce and Tzatziki salad, among others. I note these appetizers for one reason: to show the global variety and clever kitchen handiwork that is Johanna’s hallmark. 

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