Last updateMon, 16 Feb 2015 1pm

Conde Nest Traveler sings praises of ‘Hidden Beach’

In its latest issue, leading travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler designated the Marieta Islands off the Nayarit coastline as one of the “101 Most Incredible Places” in the world.

In particular, writer Matías Callone waxes lyrical about the “Playa Escondida” (Hidden Beach) – the only place on the federally protected islands that visitors are permitted to disembark.

Says Matías Callone: “We’re not talking about the typical beach or an expanse of sand facing the sea in the traditional sense. In this blog we like to showcase places that are a bit more original and unusual. In Mexico or more precisely, in the Marieta Islands, there’s another hidden beach that’s quite lovely. It’s a place that’s accessible, but only after some adventure.”

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