Last updateFri, 17 Oct 2014 1pm

When ‘Read My Lips’ takes on a whole new meaning

Ever wondered what your lips say about you – when you’re not talking, that is?  The art of “Lipsology” is the newest method to discover aspects of your personality you never dreamed of – at least that’s what certified lipsologist Ariana Lightningstorm (Anna Snodgrass) maintained on a recent visit to Guadalajara as part of introducing her certified specialty to Mexico.  My own venture into lip print reading was fun, revealing, and easy to accomplish.

“I give people a way to look at themselves differently, to have some fun discovering new chapters in their own stories, and even uncover health or emotional issues,” says Lightningstorm, one of only six certified lipsologists in the world. 

Upbeat, and humorous in her approach, the lip reader has been entertaining the public for more than 30 years in various client service fields such as massage therapy and intuitive readings.  Some of her clientele includes art museums, hotel associations, sports teams and corporate annual gatherings.  She was recently featured on the popular U.S. television program “Dr. Oz.”

The art of reading personality traits and energy levels based on shapes, lines, marks and color intensity of an individual’s “kiss print” is what the new practice is all about.  Jill Eddy, Lightningstorm’s mentor and inventor of the method, currently catalogues over 25 categories and 100 sub-categories of lip prints.  So how do you do it?  Just load on some lipstick (men too!) and plant a pucker on one of Lightningstorm’s “Kiss Cards” and she’ll give you a reading.

Even though Lightningstorm is not located in Guadalajara just yet, she is available either for visits for special events or even for “virtual or Skype readings” online.   Her services enliven birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation nights or annual holiday events.










Ariana is available for consultation and pricing at www.lipmessages.com. On Facebook at www.facebook.com/LipMessages?ref=hl.