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Mexico: 3rd best country to retire

A study has named Mexico as the third best destination to retire. The Annual Global Retirement Index compiled by the International Living Organization said that established expat havens in Jalisco and Guanajuato provided excellent support to retirees easing into a new life abroad. A great climate and affordable property were also cited as benefits.

The study focuses on eight categories and is judged by experts who have retired to their respective countries. The factors include real estate prices, transport, cost of living and heath care systems. Leisure, climate, education and how easy it is to fit in are also taken into account. 

Mexico performed well across the board, with the cost of living and its cultural and geographic diversity receiving special mention. What’s more, Mexico’s proximity to the United States and Canada mean the comforts of home are never far away. 

“In Mexico I can get almost anything I could get back home,” said contributor Glynna Prentice. “Between the U.S. chain stores and the local shops and markets plus I can get all the wonderful local specialties. The big difference is the prices. Tickets to a top-notch concert may cost me $8 or even less … and I can walk to the concert hall through a beautiful colonial city. I can buy a week’s worth of groceries for $15 or $20, and I don’t know anyone who pays more than a few hundred dollars a year in property taxes.”

Spiraling costs have meant more and more North Americans are retiring abroad. Ecuador topped the list of retirement havens, followed by Panama. Five of the top ten countries on the list were in Latin America.

“The world’s top retirement havens for 2015 may dot the landscape from Asia to Latin America to Europe, but they share certain assets,” said Jennifer Stevens, executive editor of International Living. “They’re safe, offer good value and are places you can settle with relative ease.”

The world’s top retirement havens 2015

1) Ecuador

2) Panama

3) Mexico

4) Malaysia

5) Costa Rica

6) Spain

7) Malta

8) Colombia 

9) Portugal 

10) Thailand

11) Italy

12) Uruguay

13) Belize

14) Nicaragua

15) New Zealand

16) Brazil 

17) France

18) Ireland 

19) Honduras

20) Chile

21) Dominican Republic

22) Guatemala

23) Philippines

24) Cambodia

25) Vietnam