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At the Movies - July 23, 2016


Sociopathic death-row inmate Jerico Stewart is implanted with the memories of a deceased CIA agent in a desperate attempt to thwart a deadly plot involving a Dutch hacker.

At the same time, Jerico reconnects with his own humanity as he bonds with the late agent’s family. Director: Ariel Vromen. Cast: Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones. Rated: R. Time: 1:53.

Mr. Pig 

On a mission to sell his last remaining prize hog and reunite with old friends, an aging farmer abandons his foreclosed farm and journeys to Mexico. After smuggling in the hog, his estranged daughter shows up, forcing them to face their past and embark on an adventurous road trip together. Director: Diego Luna. Cast: Danny Glover, Maya Rudolph, José María Yazpik, Joel Murray, Angélica Aragón, Gabriela Araujo. Rated: N/A. Time: 1:40.

Valley of Love

Isabelle and Gérard go to a strange appointment in Death Valley, California. They have not seen each other for years and are here to answer to an invitation from their son Michael, a photographer, which they received after his suicide, six months ago. Director: Guillaume Nicloux. Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu, Dan Warner. Rated: N/A. Time: 1:31.

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