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Letters to the Editor – February 27, 2016

Dear Sir,

I have been frequenting two-acre MetroCan dog park in the city’s Parque Metropolitano  with my fur-baby ever since it opened in August 2014. Since then, there have been extra benches and shade stands installed. The pond is wonderful for the dogs to play in during the rainy season, but turns into a mosquito nursery as it dries up during the summer.

Letters To The Editor

Dear Sir,

Two months ago the CFE (electric utility) transformer that serves our zone in Ajijic blew up one night and took about 12 hours to replace. 

Letters to the Editor – January 22, 2016

Dear Sir,

It was funny to read about the “Go-to lady” on page 2 of last week week’s edition and the meeting she had with those complaining about noise, presumably knowing that the posters for the upcoming Chapala Carnival are being promoted with the slogan “Hagamos Ruido“ (meaning make noise).

Letters to the Editor – January 9, 2016

Dear Sir,

On this week’s letters page, I saw praise from a reader for a restaurant in the city.  I would like to make a recommendation of my own, regarding a deserving but largely unrecognized store in Ajijic.