Last updateFri, 11 Mar 2016 6pm

Ticking Apple’s ‘I Agree’ box proves costly for iPhone users

In the news business it is called a “scoop” and it is what many reporters live for. 

I myself am a feature writer, not an investigative reporter; and writing for a weekly publication I do not often get to cover breaking news.  It is nevertheless a thrill to see the mainstream news media belatedly getting around to reporting on a subject that I first brought to the attention of Reporter readers several months ago.

What I refer to is that there was a recent flurry of media coverage centered around class-action lawsuits brought against Apple over the new “Wi-Fi Assist” feature in their iOS 9.1 Operating System used on mobile devices. CBS News reported that San Francisco teenager Ashton Finegold was blindsided by a massive US$2,021.07 cell phone bill as a result of using Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist for one month.  Ashton frequently used his smart phone while in his bedroom where there was a weak Wi-Fi signal.  His iPhone automatically switched to cellular data then Ashton unsuspectingly used more than 144 gigabytes.

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