Last updateFri, 17 Oct 2014 1pm
Century 21 Ajijic

Tapatio talent shines in low-budget flick

Fifty-odd years ago, David Ruiz was a high-school AV geek. Today he’s the executive producer in his ninth day of shooting a feature film comedy titled “Una Gringa para Cenar.”

Filmed in the Country neighborhood of Guadalajara, the 90-minute film has nine actors, 17 production staff members and is budgeted at just over 12,000 dollars.

For the last two years Ruiz had been working on a script for a larger, bigger budget film with   screenwriter Mario Perez, who invited him to produce “Una Gringa” with him to get the ball rolling.

Ruiz said the idea is a low-budget, but not low-quality, film. “All these people are pros,” he enthused. But getting into the movie business in Mexico can sometimes turn on who you know instead of what you can do.

“For me, this film is a showpiece of the kind of quality talent you can find here in Guadalajara,” said Ruiz.