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Payment Plans

1-Day Free Subscription - Free


1-year Online Only

$30 U.S. dollars

6 mo. Online Only - Snowbird Special

$18 U.S. dollars

SnowBird 1-month Online Plan

$4 U.S. dollars

3-month Guadalajara Delivery

$25 U.S. dollars

6-month Guadalajara Delivery

$45 U.S. dollars

1-year Guadalajara Delivery

$80 U.S. dollars

3-month Mexican Mail

$30 U.S. dollars

6-month Mexican Mail

$50 U.S. dollars

1-year Mexican Mail

$90 U.S. dollars

3-month US or Canada Mail

$50 U.S. dollars

6-month US or Canada Mail

$75 U.S. dollars

1-year US or Canada Mail

$130 U.S. dollars

English-Teacher/Student Subscription

$80 U.S. dollars

Guadalajara area classroom delivery for students of English -

12 weeks of our print edition (15 newspapers per week) delivered to your school each Friday.

Also includes an online subscription which can be used by teachers and students for the 12-week period.