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Pinar de la Venta launches do-it-yourself interpretive trail with ‘virtual signs’

The Guadalajara metro-area suburb of Pinar de la Venta lies on the northern edge of the Primavera Forest and has numerous woodsy stretches good for hiking.

Nature lovers in the community urged the subdivison’s administrators to clean up some potential trails overgrown with weeds and the suggestion was well received. As a result the 650-meter Andador de la Amistad was recently inaugurated.

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This trail is a loop. It’s a bit curious because the first half of it consists of a wide, smooth path through oaks and pines while the second half follows a deep, jungly arroyo where walking is not exactly easy.

It was precisely this aspect of the route which made me think it might make a good interpretive trail: quite a variety of plants and trees can be seen over a relatively short distance.

Several interpretive trails I’ve seen in Mexico quickly “went to the dogs” as the explanatory signs were destroyed either by weather or vandals.  So, I thought, why not put both the signs and their locations on the internet, along with photos of what you are supposed to be seeing?

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