Last updateFri, 27 Jun 2014 12pm

Windows XP: the final call for change-resistant computer users

As this column goes to press in the middle of April, 2014, I am anticipating something that has not yet actually happened to me.

This week marks the official end-of-life date for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system, yet the latest statistics gathered from various web sites show that probably 30 percent of Windows users are still clinging doggedly to XP.  What I am expecting to happen to me sometime real soon is that I am going to have a conversation with a client who will gloatingly say “See?  My Windows XP computer is still working just fine!”

Of course many older copies of Windows XP will still be working just fine after the end-of-life date.  Nobody ever said your old computer was going to burst into flames at midnight on April 8.  What happened earlier this month is that the last publicly-available security updates for XP were released by Microsoft ending their support for this product.

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