Last updateFri, 03 Oct 2014 3pm

A great idea: Community blood drive initiative

Watching information flow and ebb across my desk and into each issue of the Guadalajara Reporter is fascinating. Of course, each of the organizations and their special events are interesting, but far more startling is how unrelated groups move in the same direction all at the same time.

This week the driving force seems to have been centered on medical concerns. Not only is the Cruz Roja planning a educational seminar to instruct the members of the community on their Emergency Medical Information Kits, the annual fall Health Fair sponsored by the Lake Chapala Society information has been released in this week’s issue. There residents can go through a series of medical screening events, immunizations, tests and consultations.

Just a few days ago I received an email from Norm Pifer of Cruz Roja announcing that the current list of blood donors who have registered to be on call in emergencies has been recently updated. This list is available at the service desk of Lake Chapala Society and on the website www.cruzrojachapala.com. Those in need can also call Pifer at (376) 766-0616.

Then, just a few hours ago, I received an email announcing early plans to initiate a community blood drive, a local blood bank, if you will. A solution that would end the frantic search for blood donors after an accident or before life-saving surgery can begin.

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