Last updateFri, 03 Oct 2014 3pm

Living on Mexican time

Timing is everything in life, or so I’ve heard. Time is certainly a frequent topic of conversation at lakeside, at least among the newly arrived and uninitiated. Everyone has heard the explanation: “manaña doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow … it just isn’t today.” Fewer of us are ready to accept that bit of wisdom.  

So, why do some foreigners deal with a perceived manaña way of life with scarcely a second thought and others worry themselves and everyone around them into an early grave over every little delay? I’m thinking it’s mostly about control and it’s opposite: acceptance.

It seems to me that dealing with the pace of this area can be accomplished in four simple steps. It sounds a little like AA, but this action involves four words that begin with A: Acknowledge, Accept, Adapt and Adjust. Yes, it is those of us who are nearly driven mad by the missed appointments and delayed arrivals who must adapt and adjust. After all, we’re the only ones who are bothered by the time issue!

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