Last updateFri, 17 Oct 2014 1pm

We Are the Entertainment

“We Are the Entertainment.” I’ve used that title for several articles and talks over the years. While the details have varied, the theme suggests that while it seems the local residents are genetically kind and helpful to the expats who share their villages, it may also be that our cobblestone pratfalls, naiveté, Spanish errors, and silly antics create an abundance of free amusement.

This morning while skyrockets sizzled and boomed calling my barrio’s residents to join the early morning procession to the church, I remembered the October when the behavior of my then husband and I surely gave the neighbors something to giggle about all day – probably longer.

The procession to the daily pre-dawn service of prayer and song honoring the Virgin of the Rosary, the patron of the old chapel at the plaza, is organized by Ajijic’s barrios. Each sector of town takes the lead for one of October’s weeks.

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