Last updateFri, 25 Jul 2014 3pm

An uplifting tale certain to warm stony hearts

The only thing that depressed Glenda Lacy after she moved into her home on the upper Ajijic street of San Juan de las Colinas was the sight of acres of weeds choking the empty lots that studded her new neighborhood.

In a recent interview, the peppy senior, whose home was one of the first completed in the area, commented, “For a while I looked on the scene with disgust and wondered when someone was going to do something about all those weeds. Then, one day I realized I could be that someone and could at least start trying to make it look better.”

That was seven years ago. Several times a week during all of that time Lacy has headed out to the street to pull and cut away weeds. “It really didn’t take long for the street to start to look better,” she said. “Each year I was able to clear another foot or two. Then, to keep it looking good, I began to plant cactus and succulents.”

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