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Letters to the Editor - June 20, 2014

Dear Sir,

Re the Lakeside News article “Police officials lend an ear to beefs on traffic and noise issues,” my husband and I have been trying to stop the broadcast of the rosary every weekday morning at 7:30 or 7:45 a.m. from the Parroquia in San Antonio Tlayacapan for over two years.

The sound has been measured by both the Chapala Ecology Department and the Jalisco Human Rights Commission, and found to be within acceptable levels even though said broadcast can be heard as far away as the last street to the east in Riberas del Pilar and the little chapel on the hill in Ajijic.

We knew that the results would not be accurate as the sound comes from speakers on a tower on the roof of the Parroquia. Readings are taken far enough away or below the sound waves that they do not reflect the true decibel level. We live one block away from the church and our home is being invaded every morning. We have complained to every government office that would listen to our complaint, including the church office in Guadalajara, with no results.

Nanette Phillips,

San Antonio Tlayacapan