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Deli Ocho

Letters to the Editor – September 6, 2014

Dear Sir,

We are former Torontonians and world travelers, now living permanently in Ajijic.  Having raised, between us, eight children who have all become successful adults, we cannot stress enough the importance of supporting not only orphanages, abused women and children and abandoned pets, but the young people of our village.  

We are gratified to see the excellent coverage of one of our newest clubs, Los Salvajes or The Wild Ones, in the August 30-September 5 edition of the Guadalajara Reporter.  This club, composed mostly of ages 20-35 years, also has categories for older athletes and younger, aged from two up – sweet to see.  Make no mistake, these are serious athletes committed to rigorous, daily training, healthy living and are mostly abstinent.

There is much ado about the arts, but we would like to suggest that  a fit, healthy body creates balance and promotes a creative mind.  We would like to see and indeed hope to see a surge of support for Los Salvajes from the great influx of expats as well as those native to the village.

It is important to note that in the recent International Mountain Racing Organization race, held here in Ajijic, more medals were won, overall, by our own home town club than any other, both Mexican or international.

Let us not fail to express our civic pride and donate generously to the well deserving Los Salvajes Ajijic Atletismo.  Donations may be made through Dario Marquez Weekend beauty salon.

Johanna and Rogers Tomenson