Last updateFri, 24 Apr 2015 4pm
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Candidates & architects fence sit on Lake City mega real estate project

Asked for their views on the controversial Lake City megaproject, Chapala’s leading mayoral candidates are sitting on the fence, being cautious not to take a firm posture until they can take a look at the fully finished plan to weigh in on all the pros and cons. None, however, has expressed outright rejection of the proposal. 

Questioned at an April 20 press conference, PRI-PVEM candidate Javier Degollado commented, “Our first concern is to encourage investments that satisfy the need for greater employment. Technical experts should be the ones to opine on potential risks and ecological damages. I’m not familiar with the project and I am not an expert.” While reserving final judgment for the moment, Degollado hinted at suspicions about the promoters, noting “Spaniards have a history as predators on the Mayan coast.” 

Moises Anaya, contender for Movimiento Ciudadano, echoed his political rival’s words, stating, “We’re looking into the project. It’s possible, provided it complies with all requirements. The worst that could happen would be to lose out on something that could mark a turning point in attracting new private investments. Chapala urgently needs more employment opportunities.” Anaya considered the inclusion of a convention center a big plus. “Chapala has lost out on hosting some major events because we don’t have an adequate venue.”

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