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La Nueva Posada

Obituary – September 6, 2014

Richard H. Hanna

A 20-year resident of Ajijic, Richard (Dick) H. Hanna died in June in a Guadalajara hospital following a short illness.

Hanna was born October 1, 1927 in Coldwater, Michigan but spent most of his life in St. Louis, Missouri where he attended and graduated from St. Louis University on the G.I. Bill after serving in the U.S. Navy.

Hanna’s life’s work was in aviation research and development including Rockwell’s vertical rise prototypes and advanced versions of the XFV-12A, Boeing’s C-X Proposal high lift configuration Advanced Tactical Fighter, Northrop’s work in stability, control and handling of the F-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter and McDonnell

Douglas’ stability research and control work on advanced airplanes.

Hanna’s life in retirement revolved around the Lake Chapala Bridge Club and his home, friends, and Sunday champagne brunch with his wife at La Nueva Posada.

Hanna is survived by his wife, Lois Lynn Hanna, who recently moved from Lake Chapala to Rancho Palos Verde, California, her daughter, and his son from a previous marriage.