Last updateFri, 27 Jun 2014 12pm
Century 21 Ajijic

Drunk school bus driver detained

Police have arrested a driver of a school bus in Puerto Vallarta who was transporting 31 children while heavily inebriated. The bus was registered to the municipality and the driver, Alfredo Solis, was a city employee.

Authorities said Solis had a “third degree” breath alcohol content level – meaning that he had consumed at least six drinks.

The Jalisco Transportation Department recently extended its DUI spot-check program to the Valllata area. Dozens of drivers have been stopped and breathalyzed in the nighttime operations since the Easter break.

Started in Guadalajara in December last year, the tough program to reduce drinking and driving automatically sends intoxicated drivers to jail. Accidents and fatalities in the metropolitan area have decreased because of the program, authorities say.

This year the program is likely to be extended to other zones of the state where drinking and driving is considered a problem, including the north shore of Lake Chapala.