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Letters to the Editor – August 1, 2015

Dear Sir,

I attended the 12:30 p.m. showing of “Ant Man” at Cinemas del Lago on Wednesday. The movie was in theater #4 which is upstairs. I sat four rows back from the front in the middle. 

I was the only person in the theater. About half-way through the movie, two young boys came into the theater and one sat on each side of me. I immediately got up and moved away from them. They stayed about five minutes and then left. 

A few minutes later they came back and sat in the first row on the right side facing the screen. I heard them using a taser.  They left shortly after that. 

After the movie I told the police officer who was out in the lobby on the second floor about the incident. He went into the theater but there wasn’t anyone there. I also tried to inform the manager downstairs but since I don’t speak very good Spanish, I was not able to tell him what happened.

There doesn’t appear to be any control of who goes into the theater on the second floor and I’m afraid that some people will take advantage of the situation. I certainly would not want anyone to be hurt during a robbery in this theater. 

Yvonne Altenderfer, Ajijic

Cinemas del Lago responds:  In response to the situation that this person experienced, I, David Reynoso, manager and director of the facilities at Cinemas del Lago in Ajijic, want to apologize for the inconvenience.  Although the company and staff knows who goes in and out of the theaters, I  acknowledge there are some areas that we need to focus on more (such as upstairs, where theater four is located). I can guarantee that we are taking this case seriously, so in the future no one will experience this situation again. I also want to point that this is the first time in the more than ten years that the cinema has been open that something like this has happened.  We take our customers’ safety seriously,  which is why police regularly inspect the areas both inside the theater, as well as in the plaza, along the sidewalk and in El Torito Market. I also want to let all readers and customers know that I’m fluent in English and that my door is always open for any inconvenience or subject during business hours.


Dear Sir,

I am constantly hearing about Canadians and Americans who “nationalized” their vehicles without taking them to the border.  I know that this is fraud.  Too many people are falling for this and I can’t understand why it continues.  Despite my best efforts, I have several friends who have lost thousands of dollars to these scammers mainly because they are hoping to save time money.  One person tells another who tells another that they don’t need to go to the border and “they know someone who can do if cheaply” and the cycle of fraud continues.

Liam Lowe