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A midwesterner moves to Mexico - Traveling By Plane

When you wake up at 5:20 a.m. (after also waking up at 12:30, 2:40 and 4 a.m. out of fear of sleeping through your 5:20 alarm) to get to the airport by 6 a.m. for your 7 a.m. flight and there’s no time for breakfast or for coffee, you know it’s not going to be one of your better days.

A midwesterner moves to Mexico - Back Home

I’m back in Illinois this week – in the medium sized town that I lived in before following my older daughter to Mexico. It’s a town that sits in central Illinois, about 70 miles north of the smaller town that I grew up in.

A midwesterner moves to Mexico - Sweater Weather

Someone sent my daughter a picture of my four-year-old grandson eating lunch with a dozen or so of his fellow pre-schoolers. They’re sitting at a long table, all dressed in the identical white shirts and grey pants or grey jumpers that are the required school uniform.