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Students celebrate World Book Day with a creative book fair

April 23 is the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death and the same date was chosen by UNESCO to be World Book Day.

At one school in Guadalajara, Colegio IMI, the occasion was commemorated by what I would call the most unusual book fair I have ever attended.

Some time ago, our friend Luis Medina invited My wife, Susy, and me to be padrinos of the school’s book fair. “The number one sellers at the fair will be books entirely created by the students themselves,” he told me.

Well, I know that reading and writing are, sad to say, going “out of style” in Mexico and we were delighted to cooperate in slowing that trend. But the moment we actually laid eyes on the books these students had produced, we realized that something truly extraordinary was going on in that school. Not only was the quality of writing outstanding, but the quality of the editing, illustrations and even the paper as well. We ourselves ended up buying two of the books not out of politeness, but because they were really good and well worth reading.

I asked the Colegio’s coordinator, Lucy Hurtado to fill me in on the story behind these students’ achievements.

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