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Trump in charge of the Republican world, flourishing his brand of insults, gloom, and unrelenting female criticism 

Chaos presently seems to infect even the smallest breath of air this early Thursday a.m.  And to great extent, for a great many conservatives there seems a growing, harshly bitter reason for this hard condition.  

The majority of the United States Republican political party has just elected Donald Trump as it candidate for president. It has just caved into this condition after loudly, repeatedly declaring that the Grand Old Party would NEVER do such a thing.  A condition, so odious that it is, this cool morning, encouraging staunch life-long conservatives to declare they will now vote liberal — [Democratic] — in November. Other Republicans — a great many of them females — are stiffly and with pained, unhappy expressions, saying nothing. They are disguising their political bitterness.

The miscreant lighting the fuse to this disaster is, of course, the easily hateful Donald Trump.  A man who is a noisy and unmovable hater of blacks, Latinos, Muslims and, boastfully, of women — of all races.  

Trump, a billionaire, has no visible reason for this broad swath of unshakeable hate of so many people.  It’s obvious he needs a nimble and dexterous shrink quickly — he’s about to commit world-wide bad news...without a tad of remorse.  
He was born rich and, observers point out, has grown richer “outsourcing jobs to [notably] Mexico and China.”  

Faced with voter doubts, Ronald Reagan once “wooed” U.S. voters with becoming optimism. But not Trump, who has presented something much darker, seemingly taken with hawking hatefulness. He began his presidential campaign by declaring the “American dream is dead.” That the country was being “run by losers.” His juvenile declaration was “we have people who don’t have it.” 

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