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Wide-swath evil compared: Omar Mateen and the administration of one of Mexico’s inventively intricate and brutal regimens

Before Saturday night, June 11, many people believed, either quietly or noisily, but with considerable exasperation, that the United States wouldn’t allow itself to become more self-destructive. Omar Mateen changed that.

For some U.S. citizens long resident in Mexico, the “massacre” by Mateen in Orlando, Florida rang brutal, if much twisted, echoes of killings directed by Mexico’s “political, social and financial elite” at its citizens. This mass killing was the October 2, 1968 work of the government’s military and police forces against unarmed Mexican students, professors and families, not the mass murder by a single home-grown Muslim extremist.  

The similarity also rests with the fact that all the victims – unarmed midnight party-goers – were mostly young people. All were totally unprepared. The difference: the fact that all of last Saturday’s targets had no reason to harbor even the slightest bit of apprehension. 

The brutality of the 1968 catastrophe: The innocence of the victims ... and the fact that their murders were ordered and carried out by their government, the elected (even if falsely) heads of that government, those policemen and soldiers.

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