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Mexican labor and students opposed the president’s reckless celebration at being chosen host to the 1968 Olympic Games

Still freshly new to the Chapala area, Spencer Adams was luckily taken in hand by an Ajijic bruja (sorcerer) as his neighboring health supervisor – curing fevers attracted by gringo susceptibility, and of course la turista

She also picked a maid for him, the almost 16-year-old Yolanda – Yoli – Rios. 

Yoli was a shy, but lively, informant on all things Mexican. Spencer soon was getting along fairly well with her wary father, Anselmo – Selmo. Selmo was suspicious of young men, especially gringo military types, who were to spend a good part of the day alone with his nearly 16-year old daughter.

Selmo had never seen a gringo with such a rough, if fading, scars on his chest. Oddly, that changed some of his suspicion of this North American when alone in his house with Yoli.

Such young people in the nation’s capital, Mexico City, were up to something all together different. They were challenging the government of President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.  But not even the capital’s university students realized how seriously their cheerfully shaped challenges were going to be taken by that government.

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