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Trump’s inventive self-detraction immerses him and his audience in a tangle of self-made problems, even with the nuclear bomb

No matter how one may have tried, the situation has become too loathsome and dangerous – and, for a U.S.  citizen, too ridiculous and fearsome – to ignore. And for Mexico, this week’s fresh assessment of Donald Trump and a nuclear bomb has made the consideration of a Trump “wall” seem relatively innocent. 

The “U.S. clown” continues to administer a careless consideration of such things as nuclear bombs: “We’ve got ‘em, so we can use ‘em, right?” A chilling new consideration regarding one of Trump’s favorite nearby targets. That, coupled with the absence of penetrating thought on the part of the Enrique Peña Nieta administration, creates a fearful cluster of considerations. Brutal – and revealing – ornaments of war among non-service personnel.  

Falsely facile targets, almost as easy-seeming as Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Muslim-American parents of an American war hero killed while serving in Iraq. The elderly Khans, whose seemingly unworldliness turned out to be something of an unapparent trap – innocently placed in the path of Trump’s over-weening arrogance and egotism.

The “villain” bared the depth of his ceaseless attacks against logic and reason as he continued to deride the parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, who received the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart when he was killed by an Iraqi suicide bomber. It turned out to be just another deplorable Trump ego trip. And to top it off, Trump weirdly equated selling real estate with serving in Iraq and fatefully defending his men. That might not have warned some Mexican onlookers, but it should have stirred loathing among U.S. expat observers.

Trump was enjoying another familiar spasm of yet another deplorable and mystifying ego fit: equating a soldier’s death with real estate deals. But still, why would a presidential candidate mock the parents of a soldier who died in combat under any conditions?

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