Last updateFri, 01 Aug 2014 4pm

Good hiking, eating at Cerro Viejo & San Miguel Cuyutlan

Not long ago I described a drive up to the top of Cerro Viejo from the town of San Miguel Cuyutlán.

On the way up, local guide Alfonso “Poncho” Tejeda told me the enterprising people of San Miguel were working on a “short and easy” Sendero Interpretativo, a self-guided interpretive trail for those who would like to enjoy a taste of the beauty of Cerro Viejo without sweating to reach the very top. True to their word, members of San Miguel’s ejido declared the trail “ready for hiking” on World Environment Day (June 5) and the following Sunday a crowd of about 50 people showed up to try out the new footpath. We began walking from the impressive Sport Center just south of San Miguel, but it is also possible to drive two kilometers uphill to the trailhead before starting to hike.

The trail took us through three or four different environments and on at least four occasions brought us to impressive miradores (lookout points) where we could appreciate some very different landscapes. Along the way we came to a natural cold spring that, we were told, is the source of drinking water for the whole town. At the highest point we reached (2,004 meters above sea level) we came to one of those giant white crosses that overlook so many towns in Mexico.

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