Last updateFri, 01 Aug 2014 4pm

Cultural awakening: A Mexican woman moves to Saudi Arabia

To celebrate its second anniversary, Estación Bici – the welcome center for cyclists in the Primavera Forest – invited author Susana Pint to speak on her experiences as a Mexican woman living in Saudi Arabia for some 12 years.

Addressing a standing-room-only crowd, Pint admitted she had originally gone to Arabia simply to follow her husband John, who was offered a job teaching English at a Saudi University.

“We were living in Paris at the time and I was teaching Spanish at several important companies. But it had been raining continuously in that part of France for over a year and John saw Saudi Arabia as a golden opportunity to escape the drizzle. To me, the prospect represented more of a dark cloud than anything else. However, once we were living in Arabia, I soon discovered fascinating new universes for me to explore and I have to admit, my life has been greatly enriched as a result of my experiences in that desert country.”

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