Last updateFri, 22 Aug 2014 3pm

Planting trees atop Cerro del Cuatro: the city’s highest point

For years I’ve been searching for the perfect mirador from which to view the city of Guadalajara. To my great vergüenza (shame), it never occurred to me to check out the most obvious choice, the highest point in the city, which happens to be Cerro del Cuatro, an extinct scoria volcano 1,870 meters above sea level, located in the municipality of Tlaquepaque. Somehow, I had always imagined this hill smothered with small houses and alleyways: not exactly the great outdoors. Then along came Franky Alvarez.

“John, we are going to plant trees on top of Cerro del Cuatro. We’re inviting TV star María Belén to be madrina of the project and I want you to be the padrino.”

So, this is the story of how I ended up becoming godfather to 250 trees.

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