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Restoring and preserving Mexico’s hiking trails

I have been describing interesting trails in Western Mexico ever since I wrote wrote my first “How to get there” for the Guadalajara Reporter in 1985. 

That first route was the sendero used by the people of Ahualulco to visit Las Piedras Bola, the Great Stone Balls, about 21 kilometers to the southwest, high in the hills. The hike to the Piedras was memorable because our guide, a ten-year-old boy, managed to get us lost just long enough for the first feelings of panic to tingle the hairs on the back of my neck and I decided then and there it was my sacred duty to make my routes so obvious that my readers would be able to reach their destination entirely on their own.

For years I drew trail maps (with lots of landmarks) to show the way, until at last the GPS track was invented, making it a whole lot easier to follow a trail, step by step.

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