Last updateSat, 05 Dec 2015 3pm

Exercising for change

Mac Whyte, president of the Butterflies en Mexico/Mariposa Project, embarked last year on a virtual walk to Mexico City – a total of 554 kilometers. 

He recorded the distance he “traveled” each day on the treadmill and completed the walk early this year. 

Last month, Whyte was joined by three other virtual travelers who are walking, biking, swimming and cross training in the project’s current Exercise for Change period. Each has set a goal that reflects the distance from their lakeside homes (or another place) to a destination of their choice. 

A month into the project, the four are well on their way to their destinations and have all signed on sponsors who are pledging funds for the completion of the virtual trips. 

The proceeds of these pledges will be used to support the Butterflies en Mexico/Mariposa Project Anti-Violence program in public schools, Students against Hunger, and Vocational Training. Butterflies en Mexico/Mariposa Project is supported by the Satellite Rotary E-Club of Lake Chapala, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ajijic.

Those interested in this unique program of exercise and fundraising are encouraged to join in. Participants can pick their own schedule, and walk or exercise at their own speed while  logging the amount of kilometers they have clocked during the week.

For details on taking part, or to sponsor one of the participants and follow their progress, visit the Mariposa website at gomariposa.org and click on Exercise for Change. Also contact Whyte at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (387) 761-0360.

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