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La Manzanilla Memo - November 17, 2012

New delegate

Lifetime resident Pedro Preciado Chavez became La Manzanilla’s new delegado (delegate) in the October 28 election. Everybody in town is familiar with Pedro and his friendly smile. Prior to beginning his three-year term, he served as driver and announcer for the La Manzanilla Information System truck, our primary source for news of important local events. He also worked for 22 years with this area’s Civil Protection unit.

Pedro is young, energetic, and has big plans for our pueblo. Priority number one is safety. “We need a phone in this office so people can reach us in an emergency, we need more streetlights and to replace burnt-out ones, and we need a permanent police presence in this town,” he said.  When I rolled my eyes and commented that I’d heard that story before, Pedro reminded me that La Huerta has a new administration now, too. He said he has no problem badgering the municipio, if that’s what it takes, to get what La Manzanilla needs.

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