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Guadalajara’s 15 best eateries, as chosen by diners

Guadalajara is gradually becoming known for its growing variety and quality of restaurants, with new ones opening and closing all the time.  Word of mouth has always been the best recommendation for where to eat, and the Internet offers that option in abundance.

Among the top resources to search for dining options is Trip Advisor, which now has 607 Guadalajara restaurants cited on its site.  Of course, even the top restaurants will get some nasty comments, but a lot can be read in to this that get the best recommendations. 

Here’s a quick guide of the 15 top-rated restaurants in Guadalajara on Trip Advisor.  All the comments have been translated from Spanish.

Tips on buying low-cost wines

Wine critics dedicate most of their time to investigating and tasting rare, small production, high-class – and therefore expensive – wines. While these labels account for no more than 10 percent of worldwide wine sales, they receive more than 70 percent of critics’ attention. 

Getting the biggest bang for you buck: Sven Clyde’s low-cost wine selection

In my selection I’ve put some interesting wines not complying with “generic” tastes (i.e. from less diffused grape varieties or of unusual blends) in the category under 170 pesos. They are mostly of Mexican origin. It is interesting to note that this country’s wines are still scarcely known domestically, let alone in internationally, and well worth exploring as there are many surprisingly delicious gems among them.

Getting a decent meal in downtown Guadalajara

The rejuvenation of Guadalajara’s historic center has become an obligatory commitment made by all candidates running for the job of city mayor.

But little has been done in recent decades to fulfill these endless pledges.

Periodic street beautification projects represent the tip of a very large iceberg.  Dozens of historic buildings languish is various states of disrepair and only an unplanned fire obliged the city council to replace the tumbledown Corona Market with a new version.  Projects are piecemeal, and vary at the whim of city governments, which change hands every three years.

Totol: the fiery red wines of Tijuana

She’s a beautiful pale-skinned and red-haired “Tapatia” called Marisol Medrano. Although he looks Mexican and his name is Gustavo Pena Verplancken, he’s of Belgian origin. 

CASA cooks excel in May

Main Dish Salads and Cheesecakes headed the competitions during the Monday, May 18 meeting of the Culinary Arts Society in Ajijic (CASA) in the group’s new location, La Mision Restaurant on Rio Bravo. The afternoon’s judging was completed by Alfonso Perez, Marcela Gonzalez and Barbara Passarello. 

Chili cookoff bonanza for charities

The success of the 2015 Mexican National Chili Cookoff, held February 27-March 1 at the Tobolandia Water Park, is reflected in a generous pay-out of proceeds split in equal shares among eight lakeside area charitable causes.