Last updateFri, 19 Jun 2015 5pm
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‘El Torito’ DUI program goes full-time

Checks for inebriated drivers in Guadalajara will be extended to all seven nights of the week, the Jalisco Traffic Department (Semov) has announced. 

The agency says this is due to a spike in the number of accidents noted in the past few months.   

In the “Salvando Vidas” operation, Semov officers set up roadblocks at Guadalajara intersections to breathalyze drivers at random as they pass by. 

Anyone over the permitted blood alcohol limit is handcuffed and taken off to the cells for 36 hours to sober up.  

The program, colloquially known as “El Torito,” originally ran from either Wednesday/Thursday through Sunday but Semov chiefs note that Tapatios consume alcohol throughout the week, not just on days leading up the weekend and on weekends.