Tips to Improve the Style of Your College Essay Significantly

We understand that a thesis statement is the basis of an incredible essay. While there are several approaches students use when writing such academic tasks, have you ever wondered about the best direction to take when writing for college essay? Well, you can have the best ideas, concepts, and stories to include in your essay. However, a poorly styled essay will give your paper a bad image and make it look flat and boring to read. That is why this article explores how to improve essay writing and bring out that perfect paper. Keep reading for more insights.

College essay improvement: what do colleges want to hear in essays?

The following tips will help give your college essay a desirable style and a clear format for college essay to satisfy the reader’s anticipations.

Establish good hooks for college essays

The reader needs to have reasons to keep reading through your college essay. That is why you should get interesting hooks to integrate into your essay. However, you must be sure the hook you choose is related to the topic you are handling and that the reader can connect as they read through your paper. Different ways to hook the reader include:

  • Quoting an interesting statement
  • Stating a fact
  • Posing a question
  • Starting with an interesting story based on the things happening
  • Posing a challenging statement for the reader

Know the words to use in a college essay

The college essay is an academic piece of writing, and you must ensure you use appropriate vocabulary that shows you understand what you are doing. The reader doesn’t have time to keep reading inappropriate grammar or language used in writing your paper. Remember, they also have many other essays to read. Since you don’t want your essay to be rejected, avoid using words like stuff, aspects, and other slang words you may be tempted to use. Be sure to keep clean and academic-proven language throughout your writing. Also, avoid general words like society. Instead, narrow it down to the specific word, for instance, the specific group of people, if it’s children or students. Avoid general terms. Don’t write things; instead, mention the specific things since the reader doesn’t have time to figure out what you are implying.

Learn how to end college essay

It won’t make any sense to write an incredible college essay only to mess up at the end of it. A bad ending of a college essay can bring down your good paper. So, do not restate the points you have discussed in the body of the essay, like in the case of other essays. The reader doesn’t want to re-read what they have already read as a summary. Also, avoid words like to sum it up, in conclusion, among others.

Another mistake to avoid is stating the obvious, like how hardworking you are. The reader can read and figure this out on their own. Do not also persuade the reader to accept your essay. You can end your college essay in the following ways:

  1. End on an action

This can include ending the essay with a continuation of the story, a dialog, or a literal action. Such an ending will make the reader wish to keep reading, yet the essay is already over.

  1. Reveal your main point

In a college essay, instead of mentioning the main point at the beginning, you can reserve it to use in the conclusion section. Such an ending will make the reader start reflecting on what you have written in the essay as they connect with your main point.

  1. Look forward

Make your ending hopeful and positive while focusing on the future. The reader can easily relate to the academic goals of the student through such an ending and connect the student to the college with ease.


The college essay isn’t like any other essay. This means you have to put some facts right to bring out a clear structure that will be approved by the admission board, as explained in this write-up.