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60 Best Ethical Topics to Explore in Your Essay

Writing an essay is a complex and time-consuming process, especially when not well-prepared. The same applies to ethical essays. Before you begin writing, you should ensure you understand all the concepts revolving around the subject matter. Besides, you must have incredible writing skills to bring out meaningful content, interesting for the reader to reader. Part of writing an ethical essay involves analyzing different ethical essay topics to ensure you select a perfect and researchable topic. We will highlight the best ethical topics in this piece, but before then, what does it take to select perfect topics in ethics? Let’s find out below.

An essay on ethical dilemma: how to choose the best topic

That moment when you have an essay task on ethics, you will start wondering where to begin. Well, you must have a topic before you start the whole research, writing, editing, and proofreading process before you can submit your paper. It can be hard to choose a perfect ethical topic, but with the following approaches, you can get a desirable topic to write about.  

  • Try to figure out moments that you or any other person has faced in life.
  • Draw some interesting moral issues you learned from the experience.
  • Brainstorming interesting ideas revolving around moral issues. For instance, you can try to remember a book you read or a film you watched relating to the exact experience.
  • Create a list of possible topics revolving around the same issue, then settle on one after filtering out the others.
  • Should the topic be broad, be sure to narrow it down for a simple research process.

Ethical essay: best topics in ethics

The following are some of the topics you can consider for your ethical essay.

Best ethical argument topics

  1. Do you think developed countries should take moral responsibility for addressing hunger issues globally?
  2. Describe the ethics behind Bitcoin: Is it money laundering?
  3. Does the feminism movement have any significance?
  4. Discuss why offensive and violent content should be removed from the internet
  5. Describe toxic environment at places of work
  6. Explain how workplace ethics should prioritize sexism
  7. Describe moral issues with automating jobs
  8. Explain how the government should handle refugees
  9. Modern societies should not be held accountable for what happened in the past: Discuss

Ethical arguments topics

  1. Describe why it is dangerous to store valuable data online
  2. Effective measures to prevent cyberbullying
  3. Why tech companies should deal with ethical problems
  4. Can a person live without following moral values?
  5. Write about ethics in society as a whole
  6. How can you describe immoral leadership?
  7. Describe self-realization
  8. Legalization of euthanasia
  9. Women: What is important between family and career?

Ethical dilemma essay topics

  1. Describe moral dilemmas, legal, and ethical in medical intervention
  2. What is the role of nurses in circumcision ethical dilemma?
  3. Ethical dilemmas and employee conflict resolution
  4. Christianity: describe euthanasia ethical dilemma
  5. Education: explain the ethical dilemma
  6. Ethical dilemma and oncology
  7. How to make an ethical decision as a nurse based on ethical dilemmas
  8. Is it ethical to sell human organs?
  9. Explain ethical dilemma in relation to psychology

Ethical issue topics

  1. Why is it not ethical to use animals for testing products?
  2. Why do some companies not prefer to hire women in top positions?
  3. Why does society look down upon LGBT people?
  4. How far should a person’s right to privacy be?
  5. Solving the issues with racism
  6. Spying on a person online; Is it ethical?
  7. Why is it not ethical to post someone’s photos online without permission?
  8. Discuss why parents should monitor their kids when browsing online
  9. People should have permission to own guns at home

Ethics argumentative essay topics

  1. Employee vs. business code of conduct
  2. What is the relationship between ethics and professionalism?
  3. Describe the smoking issue in relation to business ethics
  4. How the internet affects information systems ethics
  5. Business ethics and morality towards customers
  6. Obligation vs. ethics: which one is basic?
  7. How to handle business ethics
  8. Your understanding of ethics in healthcare services

Interesting ethical questions

  1. Discuss ethics in relation to the death penalty
  2. Animals vs. environmental ethics
  3. Do you think organ transplant is ethical?
  4. Computer hacking in relation to ethics
  5. Is abortion ethical?
  6. Why ethics is significant in businesses
  7. Ethical problems facing businesses
  8. Strengths and weaknesses of ethics in businesses

Interesting ethics topics for essays

  1. Should judges lie?
  2. Is it ethical to tell someone that they look bad?
  3. Is it okay to inform a friend when their partners are cheating?
  4. Is it okay to hack someone’s laptop or computer?
  5. Should people use drones anywhere?
  6. How to protect people’s rights on online platforms
  7. Discuss why using drugs in sports is unethical
  8. Discuss sexism in sports as a major problem


Ethical essays revolve around issues affecting our daily lives. There are many topics you can consider based on your interests. It can be to do with business, sports, work environment, or any other issue affecting human life as a whole.

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