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Tried & Tested Steps to Writing an Outstanding Personal Essay

Are you on the road towards advancing your career life? Well, there is no doubt at some point, you will have to write a personal essay as part of the whole process. Such an essay is relevant, especially to the admission committee, as it serves as a simplified interview and introduction about yourself. It is through such an essay that you can let the admission committee know why you are the ideal candidate to join their institute. So, what does it take to create a perfect outline for personal essay as part of the writing process? Let’s find out in this article.

How to write a personal essay

If you are trying to find a solution to crafting an incredibly personal essay and how to start a first person essay, you are in the right place. Below, you will learn how to include your personal information and the steps you should take to write such an essay.

Note: like other essays, a personal essay structure should consist of an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. What differs is the purpose, the tone, and the length. Nonetheless, take the following steps to ensure you bring out a desirable personal essay template.

1. Prepare how to start a personal essay

The preparation step for writing a personal essay to ensure you have an approved personal essay format involves determining the audience and what they need to hear about you. Create a list of questions that will guide you to ensure your essay is engaging and has a clear flow.

2. Get organized: creating an outline for personal essay

Next, you need to have a guide that will give you the ideas and concepts to include in your paper. This means creating an outline to ensure you focus only on relevant points and elements while saving time too.

3. Select a topic

You now need to choose a desirable topic related to the message you want to let your audience know. Ensure you get a topic that can tell useful incidences in your life, including accomplishments and experiences. The topic you settle on should enable you to attain your desired goals when writing a personal essay.

4. Consider your tone

Depending on the topic and the theme of your essay, you need to determine the tone to enable the reader to connect and blend your personal story perfectly. For instance, you can base your paper on past experiences and how they impact the recent environment. Whatever the tone you decide, ensure the reader can connect everything well.

5. Include a lesson or moral

From every scenario, situation, event, or circumstance you are writing your personal essay, ensure you have a key message or main lesson you can outline and explain. Let the reader determine your personality, qualifications, and capabilities through the moral lesson you outline in your personal essay.

6. Write the introduction

At this point, you have all the basics you need to start writing your personal essay. As highlighted above, such an essay is a formal one, and it should consist of three sections; the introduction part, the main body, and the conclusion.

The introduction to a personal essay should be short and to the point, highlighting the key elements of your essay. Ensure the first sentence in the introduction hooks the reader to your paper and read until the end. Based on your preferences, you can opt to use a quote, pose a question, or narrate a short story. The goal is to ensure the reader enjoys reading your essay right from the beginning.

7. Write the body

Once you have written the introduction, you need to create the main body where you highlight useful information in about two or three paragraphs. Ensure the ideas you share connect the reader right from the introduction and that each idea has supporting evidence or a moral lesson based on your story.

8. Write the conclusion

This is the final step of writing your personal essay. It usually includes one or two short paragraphs highlighting the concepts you have covered in the main body. While writing the conclusion, do not add another useful point, instead, reinforce what you have already described in your paper.


Essay writing is a technical task that requires the writer to implement appropriate strategies depending on the nature of the essay. If you are almost writing your personal essay, make this write-up your reference point, and you will have all your facts right.

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